Positivity: Part 1

This will be one of those posts where I know my opinion will conflict with that of other autistics, as many autistics still subscribe to the 'power of positivity'. And that is their prerogative. Personally, I no longer invest in positivity as reality has presented incontestable opposition on more occasions than I was ever able … Continue reading Positivity: Part 1

Concentration: Part 1

To put it bluntly, my 'train of thought' resembles YouTube poop. A typical YTP uses visual and auditory effects to alter the underlying work. Some of these videos may involve completely or partially repurposing sources to create or convey a story, while others follow a non-linear narrative, and some may contain no storyline at all.[1] … Continue reading Concentration: Part 1

Communication: Part 1

Communication is important. It's also hard. There are countless unwritten, unspoken, and yet somehow universally acknowledged social rules that only become apparent once violated—but what have I proposed here that hasn't been echoed by autistics across social media? Social interaction is oft compared to a game; the rules are simultaneously undefined and set in stone … Continue reading Communication: Part 1

Thoughts: Part 1

Sometimes, thoughts don't want to leave my head. They rattle around for weeks, months, years, decades… Maybe they're ideas, and I can at least try to realize them. Maybe they're regrets, something that can't be changed but that still feels unresolved. Maybe they're feelings, which I was unwilling or unable to share… …maybe I've tried, … Continue reading Thoughts: Part 1